Maurício Vás

Maurício Vás
Technology Service & Operations Manager
021 743 780
64 Sunrise Avenue, Mairangi Bay, Auckland 0630, New Zealand
Strategic Skills

Able to think and work strategically, he has worked in various companies, reporting directly to company CEOs/Managing Directors, etc., and has developed/implemented new operational strategies, including business process reviews.

At Advanced Transaction Systems, a cash processing solutions company, he was tasked with completing the strategic review for Advanced Transaction Systems and improve operational service efficiency by restructuring various departments and re-training staff for both in-house, telephone help desk and on-site teams.

He also held various key sub-roles which had major projects delivery focus.

Professional Knowledge

He is well versed in managing others to reach their goals, potential and develop professionally, with strong business/commercial acumen.

He has manged up to 10 senior team leaders with each team consisting of 10 to 15 staff reporting through to them, with overall staff responsibility for 60+ staff across multiple office & international locations. This involved developing the team leaders professionally and also mentoring them to develop their own team members.

He has been involved in various start-ups as a member of the senior management team and also have setup his own technology and professional services business, since 2000. This has also included developing and managing commercial service relationship contracts.

Service Excellence

With excellent people management skills and experience in managing high performing teams.

Excellent project management skills with the ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines, in a fast paced and demanding environment.

He has a strong customer service focus with exceptional relationship management skills. An accomplished Technology Leader/Manager with over 30+ years extensive experience in Cross-Functional, Multi-Cultural People Management, across multiple National and International locations, IT Governance & Compliance and Change Management within Large Corporates.

At Glory Global Solutions, a banking, and cash processing automation company, he was originally hired as a contract Project Manager, tasked with completing the strategic review for Advanced Transaction Systems, improve operational service efficiency by restructuring various departments, establishing employee productivity and reduce service costs. Later engaged as National Operations Manager responsible for all areas of technical service, logistics and customer support.

He also held various key sub-roles which had major projects delivery focus, as Project Manager responsible for the delivery of essential software upgrade rollouts for New Zealand new Series 7 bank notes. During this time, he oversaw the rapid growth of the services and support departments and was part of the success of the business.

Administrative Efficiency

He has excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills to speak publicly and work with a variety of people with good listening skills, be compassionate and empathetic.

He balances the need to show care and respect for individuals as well as achieving outcomes for the good of the organisation, is self-motivated, resilient, committed, and able to take initiative with enthusiasm to deliver business results.

He is also an “attention to detail” and “process oriented” person, that thrives with getting things done right the first time to ensure accuracy and compliance with legislation.

He is a very much a people person and over the years has presented products and services to senior management teams.

At AHI Carrier, an international air-conditioning products company, he was engaged on contract as an ICT Consultant, to evaluate, review and remediate New Zealand ICT Infrastructure for corporate ICT compliance and governance.

He led the New Zealand team to a successful IT Audit (zero observations) carried out by the parent company from the USA.

General Change Abilities

With a proactive approach in promoting and implementing change in line with strategic objectives, he actively reviews business processes that ensure continuous improvement by initiating & driving regular process and quality reviews within his areas of responsibility. He then collaborates his findings with management colleagues, recommend and implement improvements.

Maurício has a successful track record of overcoming constraints, and complete projects within the allocated time frame and budget.

Technology Skills

Adept at identification and evaluation of emerging trends, identification of business risks and opportunities arising from the competitive market, performance standards and measurement, investment evaluation, business case development.

Proficient at evaluating new technologies and determining their suitability to business needs and their impact & benefits within company operations.

Experience with various software systems including Microsoft office skills to an advanced level.

He has been a prolific user of the Windows Operating System since the original MS-DOS was released by Microsoft and have kept up to date with all the versions of the Operating Systems including Windows 10 and also an advanced user of Microsoft Office versions including Office 365. He has also been actively developing websites since 2000 with the last 10 years focussing exclusively on WordPress technologies.

An accomplished technology project and service operations manager, Maurício started out in industrial automation (Robotics – USA) spending much of his working life in various parts of the world including UK, USA, China, Singapore, India, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, and 34 years in New Zealand.

He has over 30+ years of IT & Operations Management experience, including over 20+ years of IT Business & Project Management experience, team leadership and is an excellent communicator across multiple levels of an organisation from CEOs to front line staff.

With proven problem-solving skills, a technical hands-on & people person, he successfully leverages teams & time while constantly managing any associated risks.

He is well versed in project setup and delivery, requirement analysis, development & planning, health & safety requirements, regulatory compliance/governance, management of multiple technical teams in multiple locations, conflict resolution, vendor management, change management, risk & issue management, and stakeholder reporting.