What our customers are saying

Thorough, organised and attention to detail.

Maurício was thorough, organised and had an attention to detail essential to the QA role. He implemented systems and processes to assist the company achieve its objectives in Product Development and Support.

Graeme Riley - Managing Director Asia Pacific - Geac Computers NZ Limited

Graeme managed Mauricio's directly.

Supporting our business in a prompt and professional manner.

Maurício is supporting our business in a prompt and professional manner. We have now been using Mauricio’s service for nearly 5 years. Always focussed on understanding of our needs and delivering value.

Tadek Gawor - Director - Starfish Consulting

Tadek was Maurício's client.

High customer focus orientation.

Maurício has a very broad understanding of business and technology issues combined with a high customer focus orientation.

John Lacey - Owner - Starfish Consulting

John was Maurício's client.

Technically knowledgeable.

I’ve worked with Maurício on many projects over the years and will continue to do so. Maurício is that rare breed who’s not only very technically knowledgeable but knows how to complete projects on time and get things done. Maurício is polite, friendly and is a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him whether you need an IT project completed, or as a business partner.

Jules Boven - SEO Specialist

Jules was a SEO services supplier to Maurício

Customer focussed manager.

Maurício is a customer-focused manager. He has a good understanding of strategic direction and delivers at the operational detail level.

Eric Mowbray - International Marketing Manager - DOS-Task

Eric worked with Maurício at DOS-Task in New Zealand.

Keen eye for detail and efficiency.

Maurício has the ability to filter discussions and know exactly what you are thinking. Every concept and suggestion is only made after extensive research and investigation. Maurício has a keen eye for detail and efficiency.

Adrian Munt - CEO & Technical Director - Seat Renew

Adrian is a business partner and customer.

Person with great recognition and deep skills of IT solutions.

Working with Maurício Vás I found him as a person with great recognition and deep skills of IT solutions. Maurício Vás was fantastic to work with. Smart colleague. Creative, excellent, multi-skilled and honest employee. His proficiency and intelligence makes Maurício Vás to view solutions instead of problems. Lots of work and little talk – that’s Maurício Vás’s way!

Nuno Silva - Chief Scientific Officer - Living PlanIT AG

Maurício collaborated with Nuno on multiple technology projects.